Call In The Cleaners After Tenants Have Left

Your tenants have recently vacated the premises and you go in to check on the state of the property. It can often be frustrating to realise that your previous tenants have not left the premises in a suitable condition there are new stains on the carpet and marks in the oven and fridge. Before you let the place again, a serious bout of cleaning needs to be carried out, which you don't have the time to do. Rather than carry out the work yourself, call in the team from CM Cleaners. End of tenancy cleans pose no problems for us and you will soon find yourself in possession of a property that is once again clean and sparkling.

Cleaning In Between Holiday Lets

Do you let out a holiday home and want to make sure that each person who uses it finds it in the same clean condition? Dirty accommodation can really put the dampers on a much anticipated holiday and in these days of the internet, blogging and review sites, bad reviews can quickly do harm to your reputation. Call in professional and experienced cleaners to ensure that each person who stays in your holiday property experiences the same standard of cleanliness.

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